KATANAGATARI, 2: Sword Tale (Katanagatari #2)


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Basis of the hit anime, KATANAGATARI (Sword Tale) is Musashi for the new generation!

Swordless “swordsman” Shichika and self-described “schemer” Togame are on a quest to obtain twelve peculiar masterpiece blades. Introducing narrative curveballs that break up the structure and modulate the tempo, this hardcover edition, featuring a gatefold color insert, beautiful interior art, and copious bilingual footnotes, is the second of a quartet collecting a best-selling series from the former homeland of samurais and ninjas.

Additional Information

Format Hardcover
Publisher Vertical
Published June 18, 2019
Language English
ISBN 10 1947194569
ISBN 13 9781947194564

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