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Mido, Zoony, Rico, Bono, Lulu and Soso, these are the characters that you get to live with through their interesting journey of drug addiction. You feel their pain and hollow pleasures from the early times when they started abusing drugs. So you can only imagine what would happen to such young teenagers, who are driven to commit crimes just to acquire what they crave from drugs. Was that to escape certain social circumstance? Was that to face their future fears? Or were there any other reasons that drove them to drugs, reasons that pushed them to through away their entire life for the sake of "1/4 grams"!!

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Author Name Essam Youssef Translated by Loubna A. Youssef
Format Hardcover
Publisher Montana Studios
Published 2008
Language English
ISBN 10 No
ISBN 13 9789771779834

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