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  • Solitaire

    My name is Victoria Spring.
    Sometimes I hate people.
    This is probably very bad for my mental health.

    Tori has friends. She has brothers. She has parents. Sometimes she can be bothered to talk to them. Most of the time, though, she would prefer not to have to deal with other people.

    Until the day she follows a trail of Post-its from her locker to a deserted computer lab, where she finds a message from a mysterious group called Solitaire. It's also where she meets Michael Holden. Irrepressibly cheerful, weird, and determined to be her friend, Michael is everything Tori normally hates.

    And that's it. That's where it starts.

    Soon Solitaire has launched a series of pranks across the school. For once, Tori feels connected, like someone is on her wavelength—making jokes about her favorite movies, blasting her favorite song on repeat over the intercom. Then Solitaire's pranks start to go too far, and no one else seems to be concerned. Tori doesn't like getting involved. But this time, the idea of doing nothing is even worse.

    Solitaire is a novel about finding friends, finding yourself, and discovering that one person can change everything.


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