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  • 100 Great Businesses and the Minds Behind Them: Use Their Secrets to Boost Your Business and Investment Success

    Inside the success of 100 Business Geniuses

    Risk-loving entrepreneurs. Innovative geniuses. Self-starters and mavericks. The world's greatest businesses were built by unique people, each bringing their own style and savvy to the marketplace.

    100 Great Businesses and the Minds Behind Them is a diverse and inspiring collections of great business stories. Covering a variety of success paths, brilliant strategies and engaging entrepreneurs, each profile explores the genius behind the greatest business minds:

    • A mother's inspiration that launched Baby Einstein

    • Aveda's journey from hippie to hip

    • How Guinness overcame a centuries-old problem to conquer new markets

    • TiVo's long fight to explain the genius of their product

    • How Oprah went from person to empire

    • And many more

    An engrossing look at what makes entrepreneurs and business geniuses tick, this book highlights the pivotal moments in the lives of great businesses, with lasting lesson on the art of making your business a success.

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