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  • Bathtime for Chickies

    It's bathtime for the Chickies! With engaging rhymes, endearing illustrations, and a soft, padded cover, Janee Trasler's books are perfect for babies and toddlers to enjoy.

    In this playful and helpful book, parents and children will find that Pig, Cow, Sheep, and Chickies make bathtime lots of fun!

    Wash these tummies.
    Wash those ears.
    Wash your fronts,

    and wash your rears.


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  • Benny’s Chocolate Bunny

    A hilarious twist on a favorite Easter confection!

    Everyone in class gets an Easter treat, and Benny gets a BIG CHOCOLATE BUNNY! The other kids eat the candy, but Benny adopts the chocolate bunny as his friend, and they do all sorts of things together: they play Rat Zombies from Outer Space, and hide-and-go-seek. Benny loves his bunny - maybe a little too much!

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