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The debut work from NISIOISIN, Kubikiri Cycle is NISIO's twist on the I-novel where his narrator reveals a mystery and tries desperately to not take part in what transpires over the work. Full of intriguing young characters and action filled drama, Kubikiri Cycle is the basis for the modern light novel movement creating a new genre of literature for Japan's X generation and beyond.

A dropout from an elite Houston-based program for teens is on a visit to a private island. Its mistress, virtually marooned there, surrounds herself with geniuses, especially of the young and female kind—one of whom ends up headless one fine morning.

The top-selling novelist year by year in his native Japan, prolific palindromic phenomenon NISIOISIN made his debut when he was only twenty with this Mephisto Award winner, a whodunit and locked-room mystery at once old-school and eye-opening. Previously published stateside by Del Rey, the translation has been retitled and revised just in time for the long-requested animated series based on illustrator take’s character concepts.

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Format Paperback
Publisher Vertical
Published January 24, 2017
Language English
ISBN 10 1945054212
ISBN 13 9781945054211

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