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  • Compact with the Devil: A Novel

    In her hilarious, action-packed debut, Bethany Maines introduced sleuth Nikki Lanier and melded the best of Charlie's Angels, Alias, and Janet Evanovich in a smart, ultra-modern spy spoof.

    Still reeling from the break up with CIA agent Z'ev Coralles, Nikki is tracking a Basque anarchist who may be planning to kill fellow Carrie Mae operative Camille Masters. Nikki's search leads her to Camille's son, bad-boy pop star Kit Masters, who's traveling to Paris on tour. When Nikki receives a picture of Z'ev with another woman, Kit is happy to help mend her broken heart, but first they have to fend off masked gunmen and get Kit safely to his New Year's Eve concert.

    When internal conflict within Carrie Mae gets her fired from the mission, Nikki defies orders and recruits her friends to help solve the case. But staying alive long enough to do it--and untangle her increasingly messy love life--will be the hardest thing Nikki's ever done.

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