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  • Batman Vol. 2: I Am Suicide (Rebirth)

    A part of DC Universe: Rebirth!

    Still reeling from the events of "I AM GOTHAM," the epic first arc in Tom King's brand new BATMAN series, the Dark Knight finds himself up against some of the biggest (literally) threats he's ever faced within the city limits of Gotham. To save the city he loves, Batman enlists the help of the toughest members of the Bat-family including Nightwing, Batwoman and more!

    Also in this volume, Batman must take on some familiar foes who have stolen something from Gotham--and the Caped Crusader's limits will be tested as he fights to get it back.

    Breakout writer and former CIA analyst, Tom King (GRAYSON, THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON) is paired with superstar artists Riley Rossmo and Mikel Janin in this knock-down, drag-out superhero story!

    Collects BATMAN #9-15.

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  • 18 Days

    The story of a Nation.

    The 2011 Egyptian revolution took place following a popular uprising that began on Tuesday, 25 January 2011 and is still continuing today.  Two Egyptians, an Author and an Artist, decided that the stories of the people behind this historical event needed to be told to the World.  This graphic novel is a result of that inspiration.

     18 Days (artwork featured, artist – A. S. Seleem, DJ and magazine designer) is the first project along such lines.  In search for an Arab hero, recent events in Egypt revealed heroes – millions of them.  The challenge was creating a story that reflected the recent events in Egypt, without glorifying the actions of one person, thus distracting and diminishing the heroism of thousands upon thousands that risked their lives for change.

    Adham, the main protagonist in 18 Days, is reflective of so many Egyptians; he is apathetic and untouched by Facebook and Twitter campaigns since these are the mediums of his children. He lives his daily life aware of problems of unemployment, poverty and lack of political participation, but is also content that his immediate family and life are comfortable and safe. In this way, Adham is not a hero. He actively turns a blind eye, praying that the protests that Egypt experienced for eighteen days will all go away. The spark for Adham was not the struggle of thousands, but rather the aspirations of one person – his daughter. Adham’s daughter, Mona, joins the protests and fearing for her safety, he goes into the heart of the troubles to simply find her. It is in his search, that he not only finds Mona, but also the desire for a better, stronger Egypt. And in this way, Adham very much is a hero.


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